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Digital Art by AI

ECX Private Group

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Video Series

  • Part 1: Intro into Digital Art by AI
  • Part 2: Using ChatGPT and MidJourney to create coloring books
  • Part 3: Creating the actual coloring book product with Canva
  • Part 4: Adding your coloring book to Etsy

Signup for the 3 main tools below. These are the tools we will be using to create your digital coloring books.

There are alternatives in case the main tools are closed. However I highly suggest you signup for the waiting list so you'll be the first to be notified when it opens back up.

Steps to Follow

    • Step 1: Signup for ChatGPT -
    • Step 2: Signup for Discord -
    • Step 3: Signup for MidJourney -
    • Step 4: Click here to join ECX Exclusive Discord -
    • Click here to watch video on how to join ECX Discord

Tools and Resources

  • Canva: Image editor
  • Dropbox: File Storage
  • MJ Artist: Doc with a ton of Artists names and ideas for MJ prompts

    Canva Templates

    Listing Template

    MidJourney Things to Know


      ChatGPT Alternatives:

      • Bing:
      • Perplexity:

      MidJourney Alternatives: